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Many airports around the world have an alphanumerical reference code to identify them. IATA codes are generally three letters and are mainly used for commercial ticketing and luggage tags. ICAO codes are generally four characters long, these are used operationally for flight plans. The FAA also publishes airport codes for airfields within its territory.

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Name or Code

NameOther NameICAOIATAFAALatitudeLongitude
Lonesome SkyCraigKZ  MO24 40.14278-95.38831
Craig CgCraigKZ  1AK0 55.47522-133.1459
Craigmont MuniCraigmontKZ  S89 46.24711-116.4801
Craig FldCraig FldKZ  KSEM 32.343947-86.987803
Craig MuniCraig MuniKZ CRG KCRG 30.336333-81.514444
Craig MoffatCraig MoffatKZ  KCAG 40.495222-107.521647
CraigColleyvilleKZ  TX48 32.91679-97.18362
CraigCraigKZ  CGA 55.47883-133.1478
Craig County South Grand LakeKetchumKZ  1K8 36.54175-95.02107
CraigCraigKZ  CO21 40.52417-107.5556
HeroldCraigsvilleKZ  WV63 38.33455-80.65314
Craig CompanyHagerstownKZ  MD30 39.64176-77.74972
Memorial HospitalCraigKZ  54CO 40.51872-107.5452
Craig PrivateBathgateKZ  5ND3 48.85555-97.32201
CraigheadNoveltyKZ  6OH2 41.44727-81.27566
CraigVinitaKZ  86OK 36.65008-95.11691

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