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Aviator Tools - fuel convertor / checker and sunrise / sunset calulator

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Aviator Tools is a collection of useful programs for pilots.

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The program includes:

Fuel Checker

Don't take chances when calculating fuel uplifts, Easily and accurately convert between litres, US gallons, imperial gallons and also calculate the fuel mass in kilograms or pounds. The calculation can also be reversed to find the expected volumes given a mass. The specific gravity is adjustable to suit the fuel characteristics.

Sunrise and Sunset Time Calculator

Calculate the time of sunrise and sunset for any location and date. Warns when location is in a polar day (midnight sun) or polar night area.

Track and Distance Calculator

Calculate the initial true track and distance between two points. Double check navigation logs /CFPs and FMC entries when given re-routes, a good checker for oceanic navigation!

Time Calculator

Add or subtract times in hour and minute format, keep a running total and view previous steps of the calculation. Great for checking techlog entries, or totalling a logbook page.

Wind Component

Check crosswind, headwind and tailwind components. Convert between wind speeds in knots or metres per second.