Demonstration 1

Starting with a blank logbook a record of a flight is made, including adding a new aircraft.

A second flight is entered and a new aircraft is cloned from the previous aircraft, Minor changes made to the aircraft's detail. Note the automatic split of day and night flight times.

A third flight is made note the program checking which Halifax airport the user requires.

A page showing the logbook entries is shown.

The total number of hours flown is calculated.

The details of airfields flown to and from is displayed, note the column sorting.

The details of when the aircraft were last flown is displayed.

Statisics of the flights entered is displayed.

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Demonstration 2

Data columns are selected and ordered

A search is made for all entries in the logbook where the MTOM is greater than 25000 (Kg) and the instruments are EFIS

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Screenshots of log book - example pages from the logbook program